Guest Bath | Decisions

So, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend. I had a LOT of time to think about and plan the direction of our guest bath which was both good and bad, lol. I am definitely an over-thinker, an analyzer and I am super picky plus take a long time to fully flesh out (is there a less gross phrase?) my design. Typically, if I’m doing a room, I add the pieces I know I want and then monitor/adjust for future pieces that I haven’t decided on yet. I’m trying to do that with our bathroom, but I’ve never had a deadline before!

Anywho, the confusion came from having to make all of the decisions without having my usual process…so, I decided to start buying stuff. I was really hoping to wait until October but I just have to see the items together to know if they work and what additional items would feel right with them in the space- especially when it is such a small space. It’s really hard to get a “photo-shopped” image to feel the way the room really will when it’s so small.

Whatevs, moving on. DECISIONS.

Ok, so I had been thinking that one thing I always appreciate when I’m at someone else’s house is a floor-length mirror. My clothes/jewlery/hair are often a little haphazard after carrying a toddler around/wind so I definitely like to adjust when I get somewhere so I don’t look deranged for the entire visit. I really only have one side of one wall that I could put the mirror on and it would have been reflected in/by the mirror above the sink so that’s not great- plus you would literally have to stand 5 inches from it *not helpful*. So, the only other place it could go was the door.

I thought about a few options.

1) Paint my current over-the-door mirror (in my closet) black. The frame is really wide so brass would look SUPER fake.

Over-the-Door Mirror - Room Essentials

2) Get a frame-less mirror and paint the edges brass or leave as-is

Mainstays 48 x 12 Beveled Door Mirror

3) Get a new brass mirror.

Over-the-Door Mirror Metal Brass - Threshold

In the end, I decided that I was forcing it. None of the options were quality mirrors (aka not fun-house). Well, the brass one was good but I just couldn’t make a door mirror look anything but cheap and college-y. So, no mirror *phew* one less thing to find.

Next up I had to figure out the one big wall. I had toyed around with doing some kind of painted wallpaper. Something super simple and/or with a stencil (I am NOT an artist, hahahaha). Here are some that intrigued me:

May Richer Fuller Be | Chris Loves Julia

Eventually, I realized that although I like the idea of a feature wall, I really prefer it to be the one you see straight ahead of you when you enter a room. In my case, the “big” wall is on the right half-covered by a door. So, this led me to moulding (molding? I never know…). I looked at several different options, some floor to ceiling, some half wall, some 3/4 wall and some that would be on all of the walls but I have some obstacles to work around (vanity, toilet, shower).

I am ultimately going to be using this as my vague inspiration and doing it all the way around the room. With any luck it will be high-impact and low-cost! Though I’m probably going to need some help with my cuts (don’t exactly own a saw)!

mouldings inspiration

Another big thing I figured out this weekend was the art. Now, I’m not going to share exactly which pieces I’ll be using (and I just made my Pinterest board secret) but, I can definitely say that I’ll be going for moody colors mixed with bright whites and pretty pattern. I JUST decided that I’m only going to be using 2 pieces of art for this space. One for the big wall using an old 24×36 frame I have and one above the toilet.

Speaking of above the toilet, this photo from My Fabuless Life has been my inspiration. I’ll have my own pieces, but this is the basic idea. Basket (which is proving impossible to find in that shape/size btw) on toilet, shelf above toilet with “leaning” art, plant and maybe something else.

my fabuless life toilet inspiration

I am trying to be as frugal as possible while not compromising. This is hard. I don’t like this. Meh.

One area in which this is going to be VERY obvious is the shower curtain *sigh*. Apparently, it is nigh impossible (I think that’s the first time I’ve said that!) to find an extra long shower curtain in *gasp* white. Really. Well, ok, I can find them but they are either barely affordable and absolute crap OR beaucoups expensive (I’m probably not using that word right, I accept that). This is the look I was going for:

Young House Love | Project Palermo

SO, in lieu of that, I am going to attempt to use some white curtain panels I already have.

Twill Curtain Panel - Room Essentials

We’ll see. Though apparently my biggest issue is going to be getting the shower rod to stay in place?!?!?! I’m probably doing it wrong, but it seems like it will literally have to be wedged into place with a mallet or simply not work at all. I may have to buy a new one (maybe it’s broken?) which is a budget bummer – especially because I like how it looks.

I’m probably giving too much away, but I’ve also decided on the finish for the towel hooks. I know that this will bother some people, but I gotta do me. Anywhos, the finishes in our bathroom are ALL satin nickel, actually that’s true for our whole house aside from decorative stuff I’ve added. So, I feel like unless I want to mix it up all over the house, I need to keep the more permanent items satin nickel- therefore satin nickel hooks. I’m thinking these, but I’ll have to see them in person to be sure.

Brainerd Satin Nickel Garment Hook

I had considered these brass ones at Target, but I actually liked them more online than at the store- it’s fine, it worked out.

Wall Hook - Brushed Brass - Threshold

I still have lots to figure out, which seems preposterous for such a small space, but it’s true. I still need to figure out how to print the art which will determine if I can afford it. I also need to find a soap pump, vase, greenery, basket,planter, decorative something(s) and maybe a rug. Plus moulding. Did I mention the budget is $200 (maybe $300, depending)…. yep, this will be interesting.

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