One Room Challenge | Fall 2017 | Week 2


Alright, it’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I’m back with the design plan. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the 20 featured designers and the many other guest participants over at Calling it Home– they are doing some crazy amazing spaces!

If you missed any previous posts for my ORC, you can always catch up here.

To refresh your memory, I am redoing my guest bathroom. She’s a blank (and boring) canvas:

Ok, so the plan!

my fabuless life toilet inspiration

I loved this basket/shelf/frame combo via MyFabulessLife. It gave the awkward above-the-toilet space some purpose and made it feel finished and complete. Though I’m not going for a literal interpretation, I hope the overall feel will be similar. Here’s what I’m currently working with for that area:


To be completely honest, since starting work on this room, I’m not sure if I’m keeping the shelf. I know, I know, I just said it gave the area purpose. BUT, that area looks so pretty without the shelf. The wood/iron look of the shelf kind of makes it feel masculine/rustic… I don’t know, maybe different brackets or a glass shelf? We’ll see…


Here, I really like how The Blooming Hydrangea added the molding on the bottom half of the wall. It is a very simple change with a chair rail and “picture frames,” but it elevates the room in a way that I don’t think decor pieces could have. I think in my small bathroom, a little of this on the main wall will go a long way. To keep from feeling small, the walls above the molding won’t be dark (they will remain aqua). The contrast will come from the over-sized art (see below). [I’ve actually j.u.s.t finished this and it is AMAZING!- more next week 🙂 ]

On this big wall I’m going to be replacing the double towel bar with 5 hooks spanning the wall above the chair rail. I know there’s apparently a big controversy over towel hooks in the design world (seriously, read the comments on Style by Emily Henderson) BUT, we have them in our master bathroom and love them!  Also, my new towels are fabulous. They are textured and graphic, but still calming- it’s probably the fringe, lol. Above the hooks, I’ll be re-purposing a white 24 x 36 frame for this gorgeous photo!


(Though, if I nix the shelf, I may switch to the wood one’s I saw over at Bigger than the Three of Us….)

Project Palermo Shower Curtain Inspo

Then there’s the shower wall. I’d like to try a higher (think floor-length-ish) shower curtain in the space in the hopes of drawing the eye up like Project Palermo did. At the moment it seems like your eye stops suddenly at the top of the rod and there’s this dark looming space above it. Since the shower is literally directly in front of you when you walk in the room, I think changing the curtain situation could make a big difference. This one’s going to be a bit tricky with a dysfunctional curtain rod and spare curtain panels– stay tuned!

Twill Curtain Panel - Room Essentials

For the record, I’ve only ever liked white shower curtains- is that weird?

The last bit to address is the vanity itself. I wanted to keep this area calm and quiet so the art would be the focus. I chose primarily neutral pieces with a touch of red to balance the moody colors elsewhere. Here’s what I’ve got so far:



Ok, so putting it all together, here’s where I’m headed (maybe, lol)!


It all looks so pretty together, I can’t wait to put it all together! I’ve actually already purchased 99% of the items, so I’m off to a good start. Hopefully I’ll have some major progress for you next week!

For real-time updates, be sure to check out my Instagram: VanWinkleHome

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