One Room Challenge | Fall 2017 | Week 3


It’s now week 3 of the One Room Challenge and this week I’ve got some major progress…and several conundrums. Thankfully I’m getting super motivated and inspired by all of the other ORC participants (and the time-frame- eek!), if you haven’t yet, be sure to check them out at Calling it Home.

If you missed a previous week, you can always get caught up here.
This was our starting point, a boring and empty guest bathroom.
Here’s the original mood board, which has already been altered a bit. Overall I’m going for bright and clean but calm and cozy with some moody colors too.

OK, So progress first! In last weeks’ design plan, I showed you my inspiration photo for the molding. If you’ve ever added molding in your own home, than you know how quickly it adds up, both in feet and cost. I attempted to be as frugal as possible, while still getting the look I actually wanted. I did find options that were more affordable but they looked chintzy so that wasn’t gonna fly.

1 | 2

I ended up with a chair rail and cabinet trim moulding. The boards were primed, painted, and cut before being applied to the walls with construction adhesive and a nail gun. (A HUGE thanks to my dad for spending half a day helping me cut the boards and attach them and also to my mom for keeping my daughter thoroughly amused!) After caulking each piece and re-caulking the sink and shower, everything got a fresh coat of white paint (or four, lol!)

The space already feels so much brighter, bigger, and finished- the before photos look so sad in comparison. I LOVE the molding and would 100% do it again- yay!

Ok, so now the conundrums…ugh.
Project Palermo Shower Curtain Inspo
First up, the shower curtain. Ok, here’s the deal, I want a floor to ceiling white shower curtain like in my inspiration photo. I was going to use some old curtain panels I had to save some money since 96″ shower curtains are rare and crazy expensive but my curtain panels came up short, literally. I didn’t realize that they are only 84″- oops! and the linen texture just looked flat in the space.
First I tried this tuxedo one, it’s a 96″ shower curtain but only $31. I didn’t love the look, so I’m not heartbroken that it didn’t work out. The stripes ended up being too sheer to hide all of the baby toys and bathtub, but I’m glad I tried it.
Then I ordered a pair of these crosshatch curtain panels to try, but in person, the texture was barely noticeable. I’m actually kind of happy these didn’t work out because they were the most expensive at $63.


Thankfully, I did luck out and find some really pretty 96″ curtain panels for $40/pair at Homegoods (see pic below). I’ve yet to find them online, but I’ll let you know if I do! They are definitely my favorite. They are soft and flowy with just enough texture to add interest but not be overwhelming.  I attached them to the shower curtain rod with these drapery hooks.


In addition to the curtain problem, I also ran into a curtain ROD problem- it wouldn’t stay up! Originally I thought the problem was our curtain rod because it’s always been difficult, but it turns out our walls are not straight which makes the tension feature useless. I looked into buying a permanently fixed rod but those cost around $40 so instead I used these brackets in a nickel finish for $6. I used my current shower curtain rod without the finials and attached these brackets to the walls. Surprisingly it not only worked, but I REALLY love how it looks- so yay!

2 Ft Organic Edge Wood Mix & Match Wall Shelf
Up next, is the shelf. I’ve finally decided to just put it up and see how I feel. The deciding factor was that I figured out a way to hang it without having to see brackets- thanks ChrisLovesJulia! I’m still not 100% sure I like how dark it is, but I haven’t been able to find a white or glass shelf I like. The white ones always look cheap and the glass ones have that green tint that feels sterile and cold. I’m moving forward under the assumption that I will love the wood shelf which means that I need to find something else to put on it. I plan to put my washcloths up there along with my favorite candle, but I really need some height so I’m considering this clock that I’ve loved forever, though I’m not sure I would keep the base brown…

1 | 2 | 3


One thing I did figure out is the rug. Normally, I’d say no rugs in the bathroom because they get gross fast and I don’t need one more thing to pick up before vacuuming (#lazy), BUT the room really needed it to feel cozy. I did insist that it only go in front of the cabinet though which gave me a max length of 30″. When I started searching, I was looking for a vintage rug and I used recommendations from BiggerThanTheThreeOfUs to find some gorgeous and affordable options. However, after trying the various rug options in the space, I ultimately decided that I didn’t want something to compete with the art but rather blend in. I know from past experiences that white rugs make our floors look super gross so I tried one of our existing ivory ones just to see BUT it didn’t do anything. I ended up finding  a rug just the perfect size (24″ square) and color at Target (it’s much lighter in person). As a happy coincidence, it’s the same brand and color as the washcloths I got weeks ago!

Lastly, I had to ditch the burgundy eucalyptus. I loved the color, but it just looked really sad. I did find a really pretty candle in a similar shade at TJ Maxx, but I’m not sure if it’s the answer. I’m toying with the idea of DIY-ing a faux floral arrangement like this one from Pottery Barn but I’m just not sure yet… thoughts?


Any online items you would recommend for the shelf or vanity area? I’m all ears! See you next week with some more updates!

2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge | Fall 2017 | Week 3”

  1. Wow Alisha. That was a smart fix for the curtains…brilliant! I love your molding as well. It came out looking lovely. Cheers to guest bath redo’s 🙂 I am currently working on the same.


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