ORC | Spring 2019 | Week 5

Well guys, somehow it’s already Week 5 of the One Room Challenge- yikes! If you missed a previous week, you can catch up here. Also, be sure to check out everyone else’s progress at OneRoomChallenge.com


Unfortunately, most of this past week I was out of town- hence my last-minute posting. I got all of this weeks’ stuff done between this past Wednesday and today. I have actually gotten quite a bit done and am feeling ok but still unsure if I can get it all done in time.

Here’s what I accomplished:


Installed both bookshelves (lots more books and stuffed animals to come). Also, got the baskets and bookends in the mail.


Added the hardware to complete Little Miss’ treasure box (going to see if I can get the top to sit flush???)


Hung the art above the bookshelves


Put new hardware on closet doors


Got a box to cover modem/router/cords (still need to cut a notch in the back) I’ll probably stick a big stuffed animal on top. I also painted the coax cable white so it would blend in better.


Installed the curtain holdbacks (I also repainted all of the brass things. They are now bright and shiny brass-Yay!)


Added the teal rug (was in the nursery but will be too small with two cribs)

AND as of right now I have hung 1 strip of wallpaper. For the record it is STILL the most stressful thing ever and I dread it so very much. Thankfully the busy pattern is super forgiving because there are a LOT of weird angles and corners around this window.


  • Install quiet wireless doorbell (it’s shipping) so Little Miss can let us know when she needs us without getting out of bed
  • Cut a notch in the box
  • Hide the cord for the purple lamp
  • Finish installing the wallpaper
  • Design/build/assemble/install cornice board (oh dear, this is a big one)
  • Fix/install/caulk/paint closet door molding (thankfully my dad is helping me!)
  • Install security system (may not be done in time)
  • Bring camera monitor down from the nursery and install
  • Use Murphy’s Oil to get weird residue off furniture
  • Clean everything
  • Steam everything
  • Bring down All of Little Miss’ stuff
  • Figure out which toys to keep in her room and where
  • Find a new home for the dog crate
  • Decide on a laundry basket
  • Find desk knob (one day, lol)

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