ORC | Spring 2019 | Reveal Day

Well I cut it close for this round of the One Room Challenge, BUT… it’s REVEAL DAY!!! Little Miss’ big girl room is officially camera-ready and I couldn’t be happier with the results. (To see other ORC-related posts click here!)


As a reminder, this room started off as a playroom and we loved the functionality of it. However, we are expecting TWINS in October and need to transition Little Miss out of the upstairs nursery and into her downstairs big girl room. 

Anywho, as mentioned before, Little Miss only cared about two things for her new room and we wanted to make sure we delivered so she’d LOVE her space:

With those two things in mind, I came up with this:

THE FLAMINGO WALLPAPER: I decided to only use it on the window wall as a backdrop for her princess-y curtains. This was great because it made this wall the focal point, but it also meant I didn’t have to buy or install more wallpaper (a task I detest greatly!). The paper itself is very pretty and painterly and she loves it!



  • Simple white sheers hung tightly around the window for privacy and a soft backdrop (typically the rule for curtains is “high and wide” but we wanted to see as much wallpaper as possible)
  • White curtains with purple tassels that can easily be closed at night (with blackout lining!) and pulled open with curtain holdbacks in the day
  • A curtain rod and special bracket that projects 10 inches into the room to hold the purple tasseled curtains away from the wall for more of an enveloping feel
  • A DIY cornice board covered in this lovely floral embroidered fabric (with tassels!) to complete the look



  • The headboard was a $4 Goodwill find that got a fresh coat of paint (more like 10-ugh). I ended up going back to the store a couple hours after seeing it because I loved the open-back style to let light through the window despite the fact that it’s meant for a bigger bed
  • Her bed frame was a $10 Craigslist find that I sprayed white and added rubber feet
  • Her boxspring was $15 on Craigslist- it’s a tad bit longer than the mattress, but it works
  • Fortunately I already had a twin mattress that was her Daddy’s when he was younger



  • A simple white comforter with crocheted trim keeps the room feeling calm and clean (and bleachable!)
  • Floral sheets that aren’t too matchy-matchy but definitely feel cohesive
  • Luxurious teal faux fur pillow that we got on super sale!
  • White pleated bed skirt that was WAY cheaper than any in-store
  • The whole bed is sitting atop a teal rug that used to be in the nursery (we chose this placement so Little Miss would still be able to get her desk chair out easily)

DESK AREA: This zone will be increasingly important as Little Miss gets older. I wanted to make sure she’d have a space of her own to color, craft, or play when she wants some time away from her new siblings or eventually do homework.


  • Over-sized rope flower used to be in our master bedroom and just needed a fresh coat of white paint
  • You Are So Loved print was purchased before Little Miss was born and has been hanging over her changing table in the nursery
  • Dream-catcher was made for her by my mom using ribbons from when I was a baby and has been hanging next to her crib
  • Butterfly lamp provides just a touch of light in her work-space and is adorable!
  • Teal ceramic frame features a picture of our puppy Ellie whom Little Miss loves
  • Lastly, you may have noticed the weird box with the elephant on top- it’s hiding our modem and router, lol. I painted the coax cable white so it would be less noticeable!

NIGHTSTANDOn the nightstand we have a family photo next to a lamp that got a makeover with purple and gold paint and a new lampshade. Her piggy bank lives on the lower shelf (or so I’m told, lol) next to Penny the Corgi.


SHELVING: I knew I needed a space to hold all of her books, some toys, and stuffed animals and was inspired by these shelves via Angela Rose Home.


  • I cut 48″ shelves with rounded corners and painted them white they were hung using these shelf brackets that I sprayed gold
  • Life is Beautiful print that used to hang in the reading nook in the nursery- The frame’s a bit sad but with a fresh coat of paint, you don’t really notice
  • White bookends to hold the books in small groupings (easier for Little Miss to keep organized) as well as some baskets underneath for the extra wide books and more
  • The last DIY on the shelf was the pink treasure box which currently holds dozens of Aquabeads creations she loves looking through over and over. The box was painted pink and given a gorgeous new knob




  • floor-length mirror for dress-spinning and making funny faces
  • hook for her backpack
  • Chest of drawers for the bulk of her clothes and hair stuff
  • Dream Colorfully Art used to hang over her crib and was a gift from my parents
  • Her dollhouse
  • Hanging planter and flowers (her favorite bouquets are always the super colorful ones!)



  • New hardware pulls to replace the white wood knobs
  • My dad helped me add molding around the door frame to give it a finished look
  • Inside the closet is purely functional with dresses, jackets, extra sheets, toys that don’t fit in drawers, her suitcase, and clothes she hasn’t grown into yet

PHEW, I don’t expect anyone to have read all that but I wanted an accurate accounting of everything I’ve crammed into these last 6-ish weeks. This is by far the biggest ORC project to date (considering the circumstances: pregnant w/twins, sick 2x, and out of town 5 days) and I am surprised I was able to get it done. The only task that did not get accomplished was installing the security system- BUT, that is only because we can’t get it to work yet, lol. Until that’s in place, Little Miss will continue sleeping upstairs in the nursery so for now she has a few bedtime and bathtime things that are staying up there (soother/nightlights/sound machine/etc.).

Overall, I am thrilled with how her room turned out and the best news is that she is too! She loves hanging out in there during the day and is eager to try it out (we’ll see how that goes- eek!).

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my parents for all of their help watching Little Miss, shopping, lending tools and knowledge, and helping build stuff. I also want to say thank you to MawMaw for her constant encouragement and generous contributions to the big girl room. Lastly, I want to thank Linda for putting on this event- without it, who knows when I would’ve finished this room!

If you haven’t already, please be sure to head over to OneRoomChallenge.com to check out all of the featured and guest participants makeovers. I’ve only had time to look through a couple dozen or so but they are phenomenal and SOOO inspiring.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “ORC | Spring 2019 | Reveal Day”

  1. Wow! I’m in awe! You did all of that!! Beautiful. Can’t wait to see it. Prayers daily for this sweet family and excited for the twins to have such awesome parents.


    1. Thank you- she definitely does! Santa picked a pretty awesome doll house 😉 though I may have staged it to avoid literally every item being in a giant pile in one room 🤦‍♀️


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